Well Women Ministries (WWM) in Detroit, MI. WWM was birthed into life in July 2002. Since its inception, WWM has been empowering women to become whole and healed in Christ.  The mission of WWM is 1) Win Souls to Christ through Evangelistic efforts by sharing the Gospel with those who haven't heard and to go to places to spread the gospel such as shelters, colleges, etc. and 2) Encourage Christian women in their walk to obtain liberty through Christ. Well Women Ministries incorporates Evangelism and development of the “Whole, Healed and Well Woman” in order to achieve this.

            WWM has held workshops, seminars, and conferences to promote its mission and to spread the Word of God to women everywhere. In 2010, WWM began leading a monthly chapel service at the Detroit Rescue Mission’s Genesis House II. This is a continued endeavor and has proved to be a great success. In addition to sharing Christ with the women in the Genesis House, WWM has been able to help provide toiletries and personal supplies for the women. 


            Over the years, WWM has hosted a monthly internet radio show, Give Me to Drink;  Worship at the Well services; Mentoring 4th & 5th Grade girls at a Detroit Public Schools Elementary school in 2009; and at the end of 2010, WWM implemented “Well Women Wednesdays 5am Prayer Call” as they celebrated entering into their ninth consecutive year as an active, fully operational ministry. Well Women Ministries celebrated its milestone tenth year of ministry in July 2012.

           The ministry has a staff of Evangelists, Speakers, Intercessors, Prayer Warriors, and Counselors. Given the full staff with which WWM operates, they have witnessed the manifestation of women empowered through the use of evangelism, prayer, mentoring, and counseling.


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